St. Brendan Elementary Athletics Parent Guide                           


A)    Intro to St. Brendan Elementary Afterschool sports
1.     Athletics is an extracurricular activity provided by St. Brendan Elementary school. Participation is a privilege not a right. St. Brendan Elementary provides each student/athlete with the opportunity to participate in several athletic programs. St. Brendan has been a part of the Athletic Catholic Conference since 1991. We offer sports team for boys and girls. The grade levels for sports are as followed; Primary division 3rd &4th grade, JV division 5th &6th grade, and the Varsity division 7th & 8th grade.
1.     In our programs each student/athlete must go through a selection process/ try out. The criteria for the selection process are set by the head coach and his/her staff with the approval of the Director of Athletics. It is the responsibility of the coaching staff to render the final decision for the team selection based on their experience and best professional judgment according to set criteria. All student/athletes will be evaluated by the coaching staff for selection/try out on a team prior to each season.
2.     Therefore, it must be understood all those who try out for a sport will not necessarily make the team. Furthermore, because a student/athlete was part of the team the previous year and/or an upperclassman do not guarantee a position on the respective team the following year.
1.     BEHAVIOR STANDARDS: Each student/athlete is expected to abide by the Athletic Department’s Code of Conduct both on and off the field. This Code is comprised of the following:  A behavior chart provided by the teacher and given to the Athletic Director.
2.      ACADEMIC STANDARDS: The minimum GPA required to participate in a sport is a 2.0 OR “C” average. It’s the student/athlete’s responsibility from  to maintain the minimum GPA in their core subjects while striving to achieve greater academic success. Failure do so will result in academic probation where the Athletic Director will be decided the outcome.
Sportsmanship as defined by the FHSAA is as follows: Students, coaches, administrator, spectators, and all other persons connected directly or indirectly with a member school, as well as contest officials, shall practice and promote the highest standards of sportsmanship and ethics at all times directly or indirectly in any manner to interscholastic relationships or events, whether prior to, during, or following such relationship or event.
1.     RESPECT: All St. Brendan student/athletes must set a good example, regardless of the outcome of the game, by always respecting the officials, coaches, opponents, and fans. The head coach has the authority to discipline a student/athlete up to and including the suspension and/or dismissal from a team. In these cases, the athletic director must be informed and consulted before final action is taken. Every effort will be made to notify the parents or legal guardian prior to final disciplinary action. Words or actions by players, parents, and/or legal guardians deemed detrimental to the team, or the well-being of an athlete, member of the coaching staff, or member team as determined by the administration of the school.
2.     DEDICATION/COMMITMENT: Once you are selected on a team, regardless of the level, you are committed to that team for the duration of its season. You are required to be on time, prepared, attend each practice and game, and maintain a positive attitude towards your coaches and teammates throughout the season.
The season sports fee for each team/season that an athlete participates in will be $150.
The sports fee covers officials, equipment, and uniforms. It also helps with the end of the year sports ceremony. In the case where a family is delinquent in paying tuition, and other financial obligations, the administration of the school may refuse to allow the student to participate in athletic or school activities.
The Archdiocese of Miami Department of Schools requires every student/athlete to complete a consent and release liability certificate/form. This form could be found and printed under the athletics tab on the St. Brendan Elementary website.
The student/athlete will also need to turn in a physical form provided by their family physician/doctor. The physical form must be signed by their doctor and turned into the front office before thy try out for any sport.
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1)     PLACT training dates will be made available for all student athlete’s parents. One parent must attend for his /her child to be able to participate on the team. This training is mandatory and required for students to play in the ACC sports league. PLACT training is also required for any new coaches/ volunteers that would like to coach. If you are interested in coaching or volunteering email me: or