St. Thomas Aquinas Program

The St. Thomas Aquinas Accelerated Program is a competitive pull-out program for students in grades 3rd-5th with exceptional ITBS test scores in the areas of language arts.  Students are carefully selected and given the opportunity to express their talents in a small-group environment where they are challenged to reach their highest potential.  The program was the first at St. Brendan to integrate the one-to-one technology on a daily basis using iPads.  In addition to the novelty of using iPads in place of traditional schoolwork, students achieved great academic success in all areas of the class.  Students were able to use and learn skills that would prepare them for the future.  The program was also successful in implementing the State of Florida's curriculum where students focused on core subjects while integrating science and social studies-related topics.  The philosophy of the program is to keep continuous anticipation and excitement for learning with relatable material for students.